Community Car Sharing

Elettra Car Sharing leads the change with innovative solutions for apartment buildings and communities.

Do you find all services for better living in your block of flats or neighborhood?
How cost-effective is it to own a private car if it is rarely used?

Elettra Car Sharing helps you by offering to residential communities, energy communities or your condo one or more cars to be shared.

Choose sustainable

Reduce the number of underused cars

Free up space in
common areas

Increases the sense of belonging

Mobility As A Service for your Community


“Draft” Car

The condo or community offers one or several car shared for residents or participants. You don’t need the key, but just a click on your smartphone: mobility becomes a service and no longer a private property. Anyone who participates in the community can get rid of their car.

Shared usage rules 

Elettra provides its expertise to build the service on the needs of the community, collaborating in the creation of the “Rules of Use” of the service.

Shared management of the service

Your community can be an active part in the management of shared mobility services, directly dealing with services such as washing, charging, etc. This not only reduces costs but strengthens the community’s solidarity.

Elettra is the flexible solution for condo, neighborhoods and energy communities.

Community Car Sharing

Elettra’s pricing model for Communities includes a monthly fee per car and a variable fee in proportion to usage. We build the price together, analyzing the weight of the fixed fee in relation to the variable fee.

Volkswagen e-up!

The most compact car in our fleet for your Station Based trips.


230 Km

3,6 m

Volkswagen ID.3

Plan your electric routes with a little more space.


360 Km

4,26 m

Volkswagen ID.4

Lots of space and the ability to tackle different terrains.


450 Km

4,58 m

Hyundai Kona

Compact, technological, multitasking: space and autonomy for all needs.


450 Km

4,20 m

Communities that choose Elettra mobility services:

  • They are active part of the energy transaction
  • They are part of Smart Communities and are a virtuous example for everyone
  • They offer members of the Community a complete range of services, in a cooperation logic

For all communities that activate Elettra:


  • Activation of an exclusive agreement for the supply of electricity and gas with Duferco Energia.

  • Consultancy for the activation of Arcadia Platform, a service management tool for your condo.