Elettra Car Sharing has a series of initiatives aimed at the corporate world capable of providing support for sustainable mobility and facilitating the ecological transition

Choose sustainable mobility

Facilitates carpooling
Always use a company car for travel
Reduce the number and cost of your vehicles

Build your fleet and simplify management.

Less expenses

We can source any vehicle you need: the fleet suits your needs at all times.

Administrative simplification reducing burdens and less paperwork

With our Car Sharing management dashboard you have everything under control.

An entire fleet available with a few clicks

Today Elettra counts on 100 cars and on a development plan that expects to triple the fleet within 5 years.

Cars for all types of use

Go for our eUp, for city travel, with an autonomy of 250 km; or our Id3, excellent for medium-sized trips, with a range of 350 km or our Id4, comfortable and ready for more demanding journeys, with a range of 480 km.

Elettra, a flexible solution suitable for any type of company.

Free Floating

Pick up your car wherever you want and drop it off at any car park in the city center.

It is ideal for short trips within the city: the car can be unlocked without a reservation and you can park it for free in the operational area of the city, even within the Blue parking lines of on-street parking.

Station Based

46 car parks throughout the city: just book a car, use it and then drop it off in the same car park.

Book your car beforehand in a reserved Car Sharing car park.

Corporate Car Sharing

In addition to the Elettra fleet, the sharing service is completed by cars dedicated exclusively to your company.

You can enrich the company fleet without incurring the fixed cost of an owned or long-term rental car.

Dedicated cars are visible in the App and can be booked by authorised staff only.

Companies that use Elettra Car Sharing:

  • They are an active part of the ecological transition
  • They are ready to face electric-only urban mobility policies in the future
  • They improve their corporate image by using innovative and non-polluting means of transport
  • They obtain an effective tool in the design of the Home Work Travel Plan

The rates of Elettra Car Sharing Business.

Joining one of the Business Car Sharing plans does not require an entry fee:

  • It’s free
  • An annual membership to Club Elettra entitles you to a 15% discount on Free Floating and Station Based rates

Business Car Sharing rates vary based on the type of service:

Pay per minute for Free Floating mode
Pay by the hour and per day for Station Based services
Monthly rate for Corporate Car sharing services
Prepaid discounted packages for minutes / hours / days of use

For all companies that engage in a Car Sharing business plan we provide:

Installation of charging stations dedicated to both the car in Corporate Car Sharing but also to the transition of the company fleet from thermal to electric.

Elettra mobility minute packages dedicated to employees as part of home-work commuting facilities (Mobility Ticket for employees).

Activation of a dedicated agreement for the supply of electricity and gas with Duferco Energia.

Activate Elettra Business.

Standard Business

Activation is simple and online, just connect to our platform and follow the guided procedure. Once the subscription is activated, any business users will be able to register independently online.

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Corporate Car Sharing

We will gladly provide you with a tailor-made offer.